Seats and Springs

A leaky faucet is more than annoying; it can cost you quite a bit of money. Often, the problem isn’t with the faucet itself, but a component inside. Watch our easy how-to video for tips to fixing it yourself.


Have a toilet that constantly runs? Watch our series of videos about toilet repair, from a simple flapper replacement and changing the washer to installing a new valve.

Traditional Christmas Bow

Watch as Margo demonstrates how to make a traditional Christmas bow. Follow these easy steps to make your own Christmas bow.  Remember…pinch, loop, twist.

Christmas Floral Elements

Christmas theme trees have 3 floral elements – linear, mass, and accents.  Linear floral picks give height and width.  Mass floral picks give depth.  Accent floral picks provide the finishing touch.  Watch as Robin demonstrates how to use each of the floral elements in your tree.

Christmas Tree Focal Points

When you look at a well-designed Christmas tree, something will typically catch your eye.  It’s called a focal point.  Watch as Joan highlights some focal point ideas for your Christmas tree.