Re-Seeding your Lawn

Our Lawn and Garden expert shares some insight on how to re-seed your lawn.

Crabgrass Preventer

Apply Crabgrass Preventer with Fertilizer for Tall Fescue Lawns in mid-February.  For warm season grasses, like Bermuda grass; apply crabgrass preventer only (Scotts Halts Crabgrass Preventer).

Fluidmaster- Changing the Washer

Before purchasing a new fill valve, think to yourself: did I replace the washer? Our expert demonstrates how to perform this simple, money saving fix.

Fluidmaster – Quick Replacement

Changing a Fluidmaster is simple. Just remember: lift, twist, and pull!

Gluing PVC Pipes

Gluing PVC pipe together is easier than it sounds. Watch our expert show you just how quick and easy it can be.

Kilz Upshot

Mildew and leaks can do a number on your ceiling. Here we show you how to rid yourself of those stains.

Garden Hose Repair

If your water hose is leaking, don’t be so quick to buy a new one. It could be something that’s easily fixed in a few minutes. Our expert shows you how in this short video.

Sharkbite Fittings

Plumbing fixes are easy when you don’t need tools. Here we explain how Sharkbite Fittings can help you for a quick repair.

Great Stuff

Want to keep your Great Stuff great for many uses over time? Click here to see a quick peek at how to keep your can from drying out.

Mixing Fuel

Your gas-powered lawn equipment needs the right mixture of fuel and two-stroke oil to keep them operating properly. Our short video gives you the ins and outs of getting this mix just right.