Dryer Cord

Tyson shares some information on three and four prong dryer cords.

Drain Cleaners

Tyson explains how and when to use various types of drain cleaners.

Sealing Gaps & Cracks

Tyson demonstrates a few ways to seal gaps and cracks around your home. Doing this will keep pests out and save you money.

Teflon Tape

Robert demonstrates how to install teflon tape on pipe threads to get a water tight seal.

Paint Rollers

Our Helpful-Hardware Paint Expert, Carey, shows you how to choose a paint roller for your project.

Removing Wallpaper

Carey shows you the right way to remove wallpaper around your home.

Painter’s Tape

Carey shows us how to properly apply and remove painter’s tape.

5 Facts About Herbs

Herbs are a great addition to your garden, and your dinner plate! Becky shares 5 facts about herbs that you may not have known.

Growing Tomatoes

Jason explains the basics of growing tomatoes.

Weed and Feed

To maintain a healthy lawn, apply a Weed and Feed in early April. Our Lawn and Garden expert explains how to apply it properly.